Monday, August 24, 2009

DIY Corner

So the past couple of months, I had this idea for some old IKEA coffee tables I had. I finally got up off my ass and did them! I apologize in advance for the crummy photography... my camera was on the wrong setting, and I couldn't tell until the photos were uploaded... and frankly, I can't un-do the tables!

First off all you will need the following supplies:
-Old Dorm Style IKEA Coffee Tables. Peeling white plastic coating optional.
-A piece of picture frame glass cut to EXACT size of the table top.
-Clear rubber bumpers. (You can get these at the framing shop while you wait for the glass to be cut.
-medium grit sand paper
-Acrylic craft paint.
After you sand the sharp edges of the glass down, drip and fling the paint on one side of the glass and a different color paint on the table top. (I put can lids under the glass so that and drips would fall below the glass, and not seep underneath.)After they both dry completly, place the rubber bumpers on the PAINT side of the table. Use liberally! place the bumpers mostly on the paint so that when flipped over, they are hidden. After enough bumpers are placed, flip the glass over and place on the table tops. VOILA!So fun... and SO EASY! both tables were transformed for around $20. Not bad... Not bad at all!