Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Heres to a healthy and well designed 2009 :) I'm excited to start new projects and really dive into Akimbo Designs! I invite you to join me! 


Monday, December 29, 2008

I know the holidays are winding down...but...

I just wanted to post some photos of my show the other week! Again, thanks to all who stopped by and thanks so much to Jocelyn at Apron Strings!

Also: The photos in my etsy store will be changing soon to more clear pictures! Be sure to check them out! The Holidays might be over but we still have birthdays and anniversaries people!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

ETSY Store now OPEN!

My etsy store is now up and run dont walk on over to
You can also use the link to the right under iShop! 

Retail Stores to carry Akimbo Designs

I want to thank everyone who stopped by Apron Strings in downtown Lancaster City, PA. On December 5th, I released my 2nd line of stemware and barware. The entire collection will be sold exclusively at Apron Strings in Hagar Arcade on King Street. I will be posting photos from that evening very soon. Also, stay tuned, there is some buzz around another retailer that might be interested in carrying my line as well! Thanks again for everyones support!!!

Even your font can save the earth!!

the ecofont is the creation of SPRANQ a creative communications studio in utrecht, netherlands. the group set out to find a computer typeface which would conserve more ink than traditional typefaces. they experimented with designs making the letter thinner, reducing them to just outlines and them removing aspects. removing small circles from each letter was determined to be the best solution. the typeface uses 20% less ink than a traditional font. while SPRANQ understands that their font won’t solve the problem of waste in printings, they hope it raises awareness. the typeface is free to download from the ecofont site.

Hey... don't they do this with the burgers at white castle? -Eric

Info from

Where Function and Design meet...there sits my butt!

The Bondo Sofa from INNO
A new design by Harri Korhonen for Finland based manufacturer INNO is the Bondo Sofa.

The name Bondo is a tribute to a tribe in India, struggling to preserve their identity and lifestyle. The Bondo sofa system also expresses identity, but as a tool for different looking interiors. The word “bond” also refers to connection. Can be fixed and combined in different set ups or line, or used as single seats.

So here is a great representation of what I look for in everything. Is it functional and does it look damn good... I'd say check... and check! -Eric

A Brand New Blog!

So here I am... somewhat official. It's not a business nor is anything validated unless there is a blog to support it, right? Well I am here to announce the opening of Akimbo Designs by me, Eric Rittenhouse. As I go to more shows and create new pieces, you will see it here first! I also wanted to create a blog that kept up to date with todays latest in design. My education is in Graphic Design, however, I have worked in many mediums of fine art and photography. I love ALL design. I consider my ego like that of the early Bauhaus art students. I like everything to be functional and serve a purpose. Though some of my work can seem random, miss-matched or eclectic (hence the term "akimbo") I have a very deliberate sense of color, variety, textures, layout...etc... Rather than being just an artist and selling "stuff" from every genre, I have decided to put my focus, Akimbo Design's focus on home decor and glassware. It's a medium I feel passionate about, as well I think its something that design has become secondary for.
Please enjoy this blog for whatever its worth, and I hope to see you in the comment section!