Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Birthday treats!

So I volunteered to make a special birthday treat for a friend and co-worked yesterday. I went home, assuming I would do the traditional cupcakes... maybe a butter-cream icing... something simple, something birthday-y.

As I starred into the tv, gathering the ingredients needed in my head...all of a sudden it hit me! It hit me, right in the head...a box of rice Krispies... ok, so that didn't happen... my inspiration never really comes to me that leteral... but something did hit me...

It was Martha Stewart, on the tv... making Rice Krispie Treats.... when is the last time I had a RKT I asked myself... and off I went, into a confection dream land... and then... my kitchen.

I started out by melting a couple tables spoons of butter. Once melted, I added about 1.5 bags of miniature marshmallows. Once there were only a few lumps left, I mixed in a handful of chocolate chips...(you heard me) and stirred together until smooth. I then added Cocoa Rice Krispies and stirred and stirred until my arm fell off.

After a quick re-attachment of the dead limb, I started to make room for my 9x13 pan... just like Martha told me to. I went to put away the cupcake tin when I had another idea. I started to push a handfull of the RKT mixture into the cups of the cupcake tin. (Rub your hands down with butter before you do this step...you'll thank me later) I mounded it up and then compressed the cereal down into the cups.

After a few minutes, letting them cool down, I jabbed a fork in them, twisted them out, and voila! Perfect servings of chocolately RKT!

But I wasn't done... nope... dont just scroll down to the photos just yet, hear me out. I still had the idea of butter cream dancing in my head... and BAM! Another idea. I finished these stellar RKT's off with a piping of lavander butter-cream!

Needless to say, everyone at work loved them and the birthday well wishes were a success! I just thought I would post them here for all to steal!

OH... one last thing... these are pure sugar! If you dont have the biggest sweet tooth, I suggest adding half a teaspoon of salt to the marshmallow mixture to cut the sweet down... other than that... HAVE FUN! And Happy Birthday Kristy!!!