Monday, December 29, 2008

I know the holidays are winding down...but...

I just wanted to post some photos of my show the other week! Again, thanks to all who stopped by and thanks so much to Jocelyn at Apron Strings!

Also: The photos in my etsy store will be changing soon to more clear pictures! Be sure to check them out! The Holidays might be over but we still have birthdays and anniversaries people!


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  2. i wish i was 21 so i could use these awesome glasses.
    love, steph

  3. Hey's Sarah (Carolee's niece). You're stuff is amazing... I wish I would have seen it before Christmas, but I've put you in my favorites and will keep your work in mind for other gifts. I love your style and I can appreciate the photography too (a hobby of mine). Good luck with your new business... I hope it flourishes!