Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Brand New Blog!

So here I am... somewhat official. It's not a business nor is anything validated unless there is a blog to support it, right? Well I am here to announce the opening of Akimbo Designs by me, Eric Rittenhouse. As I go to more shows and create new pieces, you will see it here first! I also wanted to create a blog that kept up to date with todays latest in design. My education is in Graphic Design, however, I have worked in many mediums of fine art and photography. I love ALL design. I consider my ego like that of the early Bauhaus art students. I like everything to be functional and serve a purpose. Though some of my work can seem random, miss-matched or eclectic (hence the term "akimbo") I have a very deliberate sense of color, variety, textures, layout...etc... Rather than being just an artist and selling "stuff" from every genre, I have decided to put my focus, Akimbo Design's focus on home decor and glassware. It's a medium I feel passionate about, as well I think its something that design has become secondary for.
Please enjoy this blog for whatever its worth, and I hope to see you in the comment section!

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